Get clarity into your balances and spending

Know where you stand, and what you've spent — all from a single daily text message.

Simple messages to keep you in the financial loop.

Effortlessly stay informed about your balances and spending with simple, daily updates.

Stay on top of all your accounts.
Connect all your checking and savings accounts to receive daily updates on your balances and any changes that occur.
Get updates day and night.
Get up to two updates per day to always stay in the know. See how you started your day and how you ended it to keep yourself in check.
Securely connect to your accounts.
Connect your accounts using Plaid and know your data is safe behind a security program that meets or exceeds industry standards.
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Affordable plans for budgets of all sizes

Connect all of your accounts and get updates when you want them.

Payment frequency


Start 14-day trial
  • One bank connection
  • One update per day
  • 30-day balance history


Most popular

Start 14-day trial
  • Two bank connections
  • Two updates per day
  • 90-day balance history


Start 14-day trial
  • Three bank connections
  • Two updates per day
  • Unlimited balance history

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